Thank you for your interest in Shot Doctor Basketball, USA. After almost 35 years of “Delivering Basketball Excellence Around the World”, Shot Doctor Basketball, USA put its camp activities on pause in 2015. Whether we ever resume or not, after having delivered nearly 600 camps to more than 15,000 campers of all ages, we are confident that Shot Doctor’s highly effective “Successful Six” model will continue to be the prescription that cures the shooting ills of players for years to come. If you are a former Host Coach or a former camper then we want to say a special thank you for your past participation, and offer good wishes for your future success.

If you are here hoping that you might have Shot Doctor host a camp for you this summer, I strongly recommend that you contact one of the shooting coaches below, each of whom led camps for Shot Doctor for years and are still available to lead shooting camps. Check each of the bios below and see who is closest to your school. Contact him directly. While I enthusiastically recommend each of these coaches, please understand that you would be hiring him individually, and you would not be working with Shot Doctor Basketball, USA as a business.

Bob Topp has been with Shot Doctor since 1997 and was the National Director since 2007. He managed the operations and revised the curriculum. He has a reputation for a discriminating eye for spotting and correcting shooting flaws. He has worked with elementary, middle school, high school, community college and semi-pro (post-college) players. He teaches and coaches at Annapolis (MD) Area Christian School. In the 2005-06 season, assisting the women’s team at Anne Arundel Community College, his team was sixth in the nation in NJCAA Division 3 in free throw shooting percentage.

Bob is available in east coast states as well as Ohio and Michigan. Contact him at or 443-254-6007.

Rick Rienks has been coaching for 36 years. He is currently the head girls basketball coach at Mitchell High School in Colorado Springs Colorado. Rick was a camp director for Shot Doctor for 18 years and has been head boys and girls basketball coach, as well as an assistant college coach for 6 years.

Rick is available in most western states. Contact him at or 970-216-3923.

Matt Sanders has been a Shot Doctor shooting coach for 15 years and a head and assistant basketball coach at high school or college for last 20 years. As a head coach, his teams won multiple state championships at high school level. As a college assistant at Lee University, he has been to NAIA final four and 5 NAIA national tournaments.  As a college head women's coach at Truett McConnell College, he has the most conference wins in team history, most consecutive wins in team history, and led the country in multiple defensive areas.  He recruited multiple NAIA all Americans and multiple players playing professional basketball, one currently playing for Harlem Globetrotters.

Matt is available in southern and Midwestern states. Contact him at or at 678-478-7212.

Coach John "Sarge" Siers has dedicated the past 30 years of his life teaching and coaching.  Sarge has worked 10 weeks of basketball camp every summer all over the world since 1985.  He is the National Director of Sarge's Basic Training Basketball Academy based in Orlando Florida. 

Over the past 30 years Siers has been a collegiate assistant coach for 11 years, a Head collegiate coach for 3 seasons, as well as being a Head HS coach for 17 years. Over his coaching career he has coached in 2 NCAA Final Fours, and taken his own team to the NCAA Tournament.  32 of Sarge's players have earned a Division 1 college scholarship.  In the summer, Siers also works out many NBA players including Joakim Noah, Al Horford, Cleanthony Early, and Johnny O'Bryant. 

Sarge is available in southern states, but has also been in the Dakotas and Midwest as well. Contact him at or at 828-719-9525.

Lyle Hicks has coached high school boys for 10 years and NJCAA women's Basketball for 9 years. At Danville Area Community College his team lead nation in FT % one year, and was ranked in top 10 FG% and 3Pt% 7 years. Teams were consistently ranked in top 10 in scoring. Lyle has worked Shot Doctor camps since 2000.

Lyle is available in Midwestern states, east of Rockies. Contact him at or at 217-260-4528.

Best Swishes!

Ed Stahl, President and Owner